Wivenhoe Group consultants have been involved with the Water and Wastewater Industry for more than 15 years, working with major Environmental Engineering Groups such as Energy Resource Management, Malcom Pirnie, Schoor DePalma, various Municipalities, and other Entities as specialist Security Engineers and Consultants.
During that period, Wivenhoe has participated in more than 140 Water and Wastewater Vulnerability Assessments (VA’s), as well as performing a variety of Security Engineering Design, Bidder Selection, and Construction Administration tasks.

David McCann, principal consultant for Wivenhoe Group is a regular speaker and presenter on security related topics to The American Water Works Association, The American Institute of Architects, and The American Institute of Civil Engineers among others.

Wivenhoe Group consultants are also certified and experienced in Sandia National Laboratories’ RAM-W, RAM-D, and RAM-Lite Risk Assessment Methodologies, as well as non-Sandia methodologies such as VSAT, CCPS, ACCA, CSAT and others.
Risk Assessment, Security Design Criteria, Engineering and Design, Bid Document Preparation for the Freshkills Landfill, Staten Island
Working with a major engineering group, Wivenhoe Group undertook an assessment of security problems at the then World’s largest landfill (Site has now been closed), and presented written recommendations on overall security at the site.

Upon complete acceptance of the recommendations, Wivenhoe Group then completed a comprehensive security design that involved an extensive Security Management System utilizing proximity card readers, and biometric devices, CCTV camera surveillance that included a large Perimeter Camera System, and Vehicle Tracking System, Central Command Center, Security Intercom System, Perimeter Intrusion System, and Vehicle Restraint System. System design criteria included operation in particularly adverse weather and social environment conditions (eg., Perimeter cameras had to be protected against people attempting to shoot-out the cameras).

The totally integrated security system was also designed for operation by a single operator with automatic programming to alert key staff of an event.
Risk Assessment, Security Design Criteria, Engineering and Design, Bid Preparation and Review, and Construction Administration for Main Sewerage Treatment Facility, Newark, New Jersey
The initial project was to carry-out a Risk Assessment of the main sewerage treatment plant together with several remote facilities, and present a report on findings and recommendations. The sizeable report was accepted in its entirety. Based on the Risk Assessment report, Wivenhoe Group then carried-out an extensive security engineering design incorporating a new, integrated Security Management system, CCTV Camera Surveillance, Fiber Optic Communications throughout the main facility, Vehicle Identification and Tracking systems, and a new Security Command Center. This project also included assisting the client with Bidder Selection, and Construction Administration to ensure that the contractor supplied and installed the various systems correctly.

Based on the success of the first two projects, the client also awarded a plant-wide, centrally monitored Fire Alarm system to Wivenhoe Group in association with the major Engineering Group that Wivenhoe Group was working with.