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Wivenhoe Group has successfully collaborated with all of the above; particularly with respect to School Districts and Universities and Colleges.

We have been able to blend state-of-the-art security with the necessary practical requirements of public and private schools and higher education that is so critical to the operation of such entities.

Examples of projects in this Industry include the following:


We have designed many security systems for kindergarten and pre-school facilities that have included Private Kindergarten Centers, Child Care Facilities within Hospitals, Colleges, and within Municipal Complexes as well as Early Learning Centers.


Pemberton School District, Pemberton, New Jersey:

Performed extensive Vulnerability Assessment for some 11 schools, ranging from High School through Middle School to Elementary level.

Assessment considered existing security systems and procedures including Emergency Response Plans, School Bus Routes, Communications, and Procedures.

Assessment also included elementary school on Military Base and likely consequences of large number of students from two major Military Bases attending School District and being bussed under such circumstances. Recommendations lead to immediate acceptance by the State of New Jersey to provide funding for new security systems and measures exceeding $ 2 million.

Wivenhoe Group have completed all Multi-Phase Security Engineering Design, and are now in the Construction Administration stage of the project.

Newark School District, Newark, New Jersey:

Provided security design criteria, engineering and design, bid development and review for all Newark Public Schools (82 schools) and for a new Central Monitoring Station. School incidents reports were reviewed and a series of countermeasure levels were developed and applied as design criteria. Technical specifications, drawings, and estimated costs for each school and a central monitoring station were developed. Systems include card reader access control, CCTV, perimeter and interior intrusion detection, perimeter and interior electromagnetic locking, and communications between each school and the new proprietary central monitoring station. All school systems are integrated, and will be monitored and controlled from a head end console at each school, and the central monitoring station.

Englewood School District, Englewood, New Jersey:

The scope of services included: a review and evaluation of existing security in each of the six district schools, including a High School, Middle School and Elementary Schools. Tasks included review of available school incident reports; existing security procedures; existing security equipment; and identification of problem types/areas; a survey of each district school; preparation of a security plan document for each district school that includes an identification and evaluation of the review and survey, a risk analysis, countermeasures and assignment of security protection levels, development of design criteria; preparation of a cost estimate for installed equipment for each district school; and preparation of a project plan to identify security priorities to develop a schedule for implementation.

Passaic School District, Passaic, New Jersey:

Assignment related to design and implementation of extensive centrally monitored CCTV Camera Surveillance systems. Design included both interior coverage and substantial perimeter cameras. School District required large central Head End system to be able to monitor from a central point as well as record on a local basis at each school utilizing Digital Video Recorders. The system requirements also mandated the ability to access CCTV event recording at each school from the central monitoring point. Involved some 63 locations.


Richard Stockton College, Pomona, New Jersey:

Performed extensive Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Study for the College, which has approximately 7,000 students. Study covered the entire campus and associated lands, marine facility, etc. Also covered Fire and Life Safety Issues.

Involved all aspects of Access Control, Surveillance, Data Protection, Research Activities, Residential Protection, Perimeter Control, Roadway Traffic Flow, Lighting, Public Safety Procedures and Personnel, Vulnerability Assessment that included substantial number of critical assets and adjacent threats posed by Atlantic City Casino attraction to possible Terrorists.

Provided substantial series of recommendations on new security systems, procedures, equipment, and methodology that has been implemented by the College

Thomas Edison State College, Trenton, New Jersey:

Provided review and evaluation of the existing security and video systems design, installation, and operation. The scope of work included: review of existing contractual documentation, including system specifications and drawings, installation methods; evaluation of the protection level provided by the installed equipment and identification of methods to achieve security protection in areas that may present fire/life safety issues; conduct of equipment testing to confirm that the installed equipment meets functional requirements, contractual specifications and operational objectives.

Hofstra University, Hempstead, New York:

Security Consultant to Consultant Team that carried-out an extensive Risk and Vulnerability Assessment of the Residential Campus including dormitories, parking lots, recreational structures, student practices, and other aspects of risk and vulnerability. The assignment also Provided extensive recommendations that have been implemented in a phased program over an extended period. Study conducted over an eight month period and included assessment of all incident reports over 5 years; large number of interviews with faculty, students, and staff; day and night survey of all campus grounds; assessment of “off-campus” student housing; and traffic study of all vehicles entering or operating with the University property.

Further study involved vehicle control and general perimeter control.

University of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri:

Conducted a detailed physical survey of the university reactor site, reactor facility, facility offices, and containment building. Analyzed reactor facility operations, NRC required containment building security, existing reactor facility security system, and the campus-wide security system. Prepared an extensive report that details our security assessment findings; provides a security requirements analysis, including threats, vulnerabilities, and risks; provides specific recommendations for an adequate level of security countermeasures that addresses general industrial security requirements, interface with NRC security requirements, and responses to potential terroristic activity; provides security conceptual design and a budgetary cost estimate of the total security upgrade program implementation.

Pace University, White Plains, New York:

Initial assignment related to a Vulnerability Assessment specifically aimed at Access Control both to the residential and faculty campuses. Recommendations involved degree of electronic access control with a central Security Management system and control of all main exterior doors for the academic and administration areas as well as residential dormitories.

Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey:

Wivenhoe Group designed a complete Digital Identification Card system for the University that included the badging of all students, faculty staff, administration staff, other staff, guests, and visitors. System then integrated into separate Security Management system.

Assignment included special requirements for instant identification and OSHA emergency containment requirements.


Christiana Medical Center School of Nursing

Christiana, DE
Security Management System Design

Lincoln Teaching Hospital

The Bronx, New York City
Extensive Vulnerability Assessment leading to security design of new Security Management system, total Re-design of CCTV Camera
Surveillance systems, and new Infant Abduction system