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Design Engineering

Wivenhoe Group is able to provide a full range of security engineering and design services that reflect standard engineering and accepted industrial security practices but at the same time incorporate techniques and equipment that reflect the special needs of each individual client.

Our major criteria for systems and component selection in any given client situation is compatibility with existing operations, flexibility, interface and integration capability, expansion potential, life cycle, and cost containment considerations. Our systems engineering and design and other services are detailed and are responsive to your immediate and long term needs – we do not provide a “boiler plate” systems design. Also, we are not aligned with any equipment manufacturers – our equipment and systems recommendations are impartial. We provide an optimal array of equipment and systems recommendations reflective of your needs.

Wivenhoe will prepare detailed technical bid specifications and drawings for the installation of the security and video systems, and ancillary and support systems, such as security and related lighting, and a security communications system for all clients subject to their individual requirements.

Our specifications will include: a systems concept of operation; description of the design intent (both configuration and function); requirements for vendor technical and cost proposals; codes and standards; installation standards; documentation submittal requirements; as applicable, interface requirements with existing or proposed electronic security management and video systems; interface requirements with the proposed electronic security management and video systems head end at a Main Security Command Center, interface with any existing LAN system; test methodology requirements (system/equipment factory and site acceptance testing); system training requirements; and preventative maintenance requirements. We provide a directed and performance technical specification for equipment selection.

Our detailed drawings typically include equipment and systems configurations (plan view drawings of equipment locations, riser diagrams, equipment terminations, and mounting details). We provide directed and performance technical specifications for the equipment selection.

In order to ensure that all concerns and requirements for security systems, security support systems and interface with related systems are achieved, Wivenhoe Group will coordinate with cognizant client groups, with the security installation contractor and other required contractors.