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Wivenhoe Group have participated in many local government and municipal security assignments in addition to those assignments that involved water/wastewater vulnerability assessments.

These projects have included design engineering, construction administration, risk assessment, control center development, and have involved a multitude of departments and facilities from police headquarters to IT centers.

In addition to certification in general risk assessment methodologies as required for Water/Wastewater, Chemical, Healthcare, and DHS Projects, etc., two of our consultants have recently completed certification under Sandia National Laboratory for RAM-Community that is specifically designed to cover municipal facilities and operations.

Examples of Municipal projects include the following:

City of New York – Department of Design & Construction:

The City of New York made a decision to move the Department of Design & Construction from central Manhattan to a location in Long Island City where the City agreed to lease a substantial portion of what had been the International Design Center.

Wivenhoe Group working in conjunction with NB Engineers were chosen to design a new integrated security system for a five story property that comprised an entire city block in total area, involving electronic access control and alarm monitoring, fixed and PTZ camera surveillance, security intercom, and a central command center for the operation and monitoring of the total system.

The assignment also included bid documentation and bid selection assistance together with construction administration. The system was completed and implemented in time for the actual move from central Manhattan, and performed completely to design and intent, and to budget. Construction cost was in excess of $2 million.

Wall Township, New Jersey – Police Department:

Wivenhoe undertook to design a new integrated security and communication system for a large local police department involving security management and alarm monitoring, CCTV camera surveillance and security intercom together with updating the main communication and dispatch systems.

Systems implemented on time and within budget.

County Council – North Jersey:

Participated in a significant Security Vulnerability Assessment for a sizeable County Council that included the following:

  • Courthouse and Jail
  • Police Department
  • Prosecutor’s Offices
  • Main Office Building
  • Several Public Works remote sites (Offices, Storage & Vehicle Depots)
  • Other Department Offices

Assignment successfully completed on time and within budget. County Council has since implemented many of the recommendations from the Assessment report.

County Council – New York State:

Participated in a Security Vulnerability Assessment for a key County Council in New York State that included:

  • Community College
  • Main Offices (Extensive)
  • Public Works remote sites (Offices, Repair & Maintenance Depots)
  • Police Department

Assignment successfully completed and within stated budget. Many recommendations of assessment implemented.

City of Richmond – Richmond Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Juvenile Detention Center & Southside Community Services Center

Working with another member of the Wivenhoe Network of Security Consultants, namely American Consulting Engineers, participated in an “Assessment, Needs Identification and Project Planning in Support of the Safety and Security Enhancement Project”

The project involved a complete survey and understanding of buildings and operations of the Domestic Relations Court and Juvenile Detention Center, and included Threat Assessment, Identification of Risks and Vulnerabilities, Code Compliance, Findings & Recommendations, Cost Estimate, Priority Implementation Guidelines, and a full scale presentation to City Officials.
There has been general acceptance of majority of recommendations which are now being now being implemented in a phased program.

City of Richmond – Mayor’s Office:

Working with American Consulting Engineers, a member of the Wivenhoe Network of Security Consultants participated in the provision of design engineering for a new security system to protect the executive suite and other areas at the main City Offices. Project included specifications and drawings for the project.

The project was successfully implemented on time and within budget.

Newcastle County, DE – Municipal Buildings

Working with another member of the Wivenhoe Network of Security Consultants, namely the Wickford Group, participated in the development of new security systems for several buildings that included library and major offices.

Systems involved CCTV camera surveillance and security management and alarm monitoring reporting back to the main Central Monitoring Command. The new systems are currently being implemented.