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Wivenhoe Group and its associated consultants have a long and successful history in the area of healthcare, and with major medical centers in particular.

Among the many healthcare related projects successfully completed by Wivenhoe Group and its associated consultants are:

Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, New York

Wivenhoe completed a comprehensive Risk/Vulnerability Assessment for this hospital which is a major New York City Medical and Teaching Center approximately September 1995. The scope of study included:
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Perimeter Security
  • Theft
  • Physical Security
  • Control of Dangerous Substances
  • Liability Issues
  • Vehicle Control
  • Infant Protection
  • Control of Weapons
  • Plant Protection
  • Visitor Control
  • Identification

As with all major hospitals, there are significant numbers of areas to be covered in such studies both public and private, and which include:

  • Cafeterias Main Kitchen
  • Cargo System
  • Central Supplies
  • Pathology/Mortuary
  • Oncology Dept.
  • Main Pharmacy
  • Central Stores
  • Housekeeping Offices
  • Medical Records
  • Receiving Dock(s)
  • Clinic Areas
  • Maintenance Shops
  • Conference Areas
  • Emergency area
  • OPD Admin
  • Child Care Center if applicable
  • Cashier Offices
  • Executive Offices
  • X-Ray Dept.
  • Blood Bank and Lab areas
  • Admission Offices
  • Communications
  • VIP Clinic
  • Surgical and ICU areas
  • Mechanical Equipment
  • Patient Wards
  • MIS
  • Payroll/Patient Accounting Offices
  • Obstetrics
  • Outpatient Pharmacy if applicable
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Emergency Room including possible Psychiatry

Upon acceptance of all recommendations Wivenhoe Group also performed design engineering, preparation of specifications and drawings, and assisted in the implementation of all systems.

Atlantic City Medical Center, Pomona, New Jersey

As part of a State College Vulnerability Assessment, Wivenhoe Group also completed a full Risk Assessment of the adjoining Medical Center that catered to the Atlantic City population and student population alike. The Atlantic City Medical Center was a Vulnerability Assessment only.

Christiana Medical Center, Newark, Delaware

Wivenhoe Group was responsible for a Design Engineering assignment involving Vehicle Control, Electronic Access Control, Perimeter Control following initial Risk Assessment assignment. Christiana Medical Center is also the major trauma center in the area and assignment included appropriate security measures for the Emergency Helipad.

NYU Medical Center, Manhattan, New York

Wivenhoe Group was involved in Design Engineering work at this major facility in New York City that included Perimeter Control, Electronic Access Control, Surveillance, Vehicle Control, and specialized Pediatric Monitoring systems.

Christ Hospital, IL

Originally one of the first hospitals to use the SWA model of safety management, it saved this Chicago hospital over $300,000 in workers compensation claims in the first year. It was here that one JCAHO surveyor called the safety management program “one of the two best I’ve ever seen in the United States”. The same model was later adopted throughout the corporation, with the same outstanding results achieved.

Heritage Village Nursing Home, IL

SWA assisted this private nursing home develop an employee health and safety program that allowed them to attain membership in the OSHA VPP program, placing them among the elite in their industry for workplace safety. They are the first nursing home in Illinois to receive this honor, and only the sixth nursing home in the United States. With our help, this facility worked an incredible 28 months without a lost time job related injury, unprecedented in the long term care industry.

Hocking Valley Community Hospital, OH

With a JCAHO survey quickly approaching, this 92 bed southeast Ohio hospital turned to SWA when it realized that it’s Environment of Care program was nowhere close to ready to go through the survey process. In two weeks on site, SWA designed and implemented an EC program that passed the JCAHO survey with flying colors, and rated one of the highest scores attainable.

LaGrange Memorial Hospital, IL

Serving the needs of the rapidly growing western suburbs of Chicago, this 275 bed hospital turned to SWA with a JCAHO survey only three weeks away, and no Environment of Care program documented. Working around the clock, SWA brought all their documentation together, and gave presented their EC program to the JCAHO surveyors. As a result, their survey was flawless, and their transition of corporate ownership went painlessly.

Memorial Hospital, RI

Located in the beautiful Blackstone Valley, this community hospital was surveyed by SWA as part of the Rhode Island Disaster Initiative, a statewide project designed to assess disaster and terrorism readiness assessment in the state of Rhode Island. Through the assessment process, the hospital identified numerous ways that it could improve its security, and lessen its vulnerability to outside attack.

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, IL

Located in the heart of Southern Illinois University, this hospital turned to SWA over growing concerns of workplace violence against healthcare workers. The staff of SWA conducted a comprehensive vulnerability assessment, and provided training to management personnel of all levels in recognizing and preventing potential violence in healthcare facilities.

Provena Senior Services, IL

A recognized leader in Long Term Care in Illinois, Provena Senior Services, like most long term care providers, found itself faced with increasing losses due to job related injuries. Following the SWA program for workers safety, Provena was able to reduce its OSHA recordable injury rate from 36.4 per 100 full time employees down to an industry low of 11.6 per 100 full time employees, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers compensation costs in the process.

Sherman Hospital, IL

Concerned about the increase in violence in the community, this suburban Chicago hospital turned to SWA for assistance in designing its written security management program. Pleased with the performance of SWA, the facility later called us back to perform a comprehensive security assessment of their Emergency Department, and to later provide personal self defense training to their security officers.

The Rhode Island Hospital, RI

Located in the beautiful city of Providence, this New England hospital is one of the largest and most prestigious teaching hospital on the eastern coast. It was surveyed by SWA as part of the Rhode Island Disaster Initiative, a statewide project designed to assess disaster and terrorism readiness assessment in the state of Rhode Island. Through the assessment process, the hospital identified numerous ways that it could improve its security, and lessen its vulnerability to outside attack.