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Project Administration

Installation and Construction Inspections

Wivenhoe Group will review the security installation contractor’s submittals of shop drawings, installation methods, equipment data sheets, equipment samples, and proposed subcontractors. We will evaluate conformance with design documents (specifications, drawings, and functional objectives). Any non acceptable, nonconforming design documents that require security contractor re-submittal will be re-reviewed, as required.

During the installation phase, we will participate in all required project design and construction meetings, inspect the work progress, and conduct security project meetings to provide direction to the security contractor and respond to installation questions and problems. We will record and issue reports of field inspections. We will be available to the client, as required, to respond to the security installation contractor’s queries and requests for information.

We will review the preparation of the security installation contractor’s generated system training manuals, the operations and maintenance manuals, and the training procedures and course syllabus for conformance with technical accuracy and ease of end-user understanding.

We will review the security contractor’s testing criteria, methodology, and test forms. We will witness component, sub-system, and system factory and site acceptance testing to ensure that the systems/equipment meet functional specifications and operational objectives. We will document and prepare reports on our observations of factory and site acceptance tests. All discrepancies and nonconforming operations will be noted (punchlist) for retesting. We will witness all final testing and resolve all discrepancies/nonconforming operations (punchlist). We will issue a written recommendation for final system(s) acceptance. We will review all vendor documents for adequacy and completeness.