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Our Staff

Colette K. McCann
President & CEO
Wivenhoe Group is truly a woman owned business where not only does Mrs. McCann own a majority of the group’s shares but is very much involved with the day-to-day operations of the group. Colette has some 16 years of security industry experience, and prior to that assisted in the running of a dynamic company in New York City as well as working in the commercial and accounting sectors of such organizations as Touche Ross. Wivenhoe Group is not shy to admit that a “woman’s touch” has significantly added to the group’s success.

David S. McCann
Vice-President & Principal Consultant
Mr. McCann has a long and impressive history in the field of Threat Assessment, Security Engineering Design and Life Safety, Consulting Services. Beginning with his work with the N.A.T.O. Task Force on Applied Terrorism, and continuing through to his career as a security consultant in the private sector, Mr. McCann is a recognized expert in the field of vulnerability and risk assessment, security facility operations, and more recently, bio-terrorism. His client list ranges from Fortune 500 corporations to municipal utility suppliers and federal agencies.

Educated in the United Kingdom with degrees in Computer Science and Economics from the University of London, and an Associated Degree in Electronics from Cranwell Royal Air Force College, Mr. McCann has served in a Security Consulting role to European, Middle East, and American Government facilities and major companies and corporations.

With more than 30 years of experience in the Security Industry, Mr. McCann was a leading proponent of Threat Assessment for key infrastructure in the United States more than twelve years ago after the first explosion at the World Trade Vista Hotel and since that time has been involved in a large number of such studies for Chemical, Water, Wastewater, Municipal, and others.

David S. McCann Credentials

Robert Burket
Senior Consultant
Burket currently works as a Security Consultant and retired from The Protection Bureau as of December 2016. Previously worked for The Protection Bureau for twenty-three years between January 1994 and December 2016. Mr. Burket consulted, designed, engineered, and sold integrated security systems. His primary areas of expertise involve large scale access control, CCTV, fiber optic communication, wireless communications, networking, and consultations.

David L. Rockford
Senior Consultant
Mr. Rockford has more than 25 years of security and telecommunications engineering experience both as a Security Division Manager, Director of Engineering, and Engineering Design Manager for several architectural engineering firms and security systems integrators. His extensive involvement in security engineering applications has included site surveys, development of design criteria, systems engineering and design, equipment procurement, systems integration and testing, installation, and software, hardware and engineering documentation. Mr. Rockford has contributed to a wide range of critical asset programs for nuclear power plants, government facilities and over 60 commercial and industrial facilities.

James M. Woodruff
Senior Consultant
Jim Woodruff is both a Professional Electrical Engineer and a Certified Protection Professional and brings a great deal of expertise and experience to Wivenhoe Group team of consultants. With more than 35 years in the industry, Mr. Woodruff has particular expertise in the protection of nuclear facilities, classified electronic facilities, and in the provision of physical security for arms, ammunitions, and explosives including some 25% of all U.S. Navy facilities for such materials. Mr. Woodruff is also the electrical specialist for Wivenhoe Group team.

Sam Stone
Senior Design Consultant
Mr. Stone has more than 25 years of experience throughout the United States with particular expertise in fiber optic communications, CCTV, and perimeter monitoring with systems as diverse as acoustic ground sensor systems, Bi-static microwave, fence intrusion, and facial recognition systems. Mr. Stone is also well versed in the varying code requirements for military installations, correctional facilities, nuclear power plants, various utilities, psychological hospitals, etc.

Tom Kinzer
Senior Operations Consultant
Major Kinzer (Ret) has over 30 years experience as a head of operations for the New Jersey State Police, responsible for directing and coordinating the road troop commands of over 1500 personnel. Mr. Kinzer is our real-time encyclopedia when it comes to determining the criminal mind and its actions. He is able to anticipate a criminal’s actions and is able to advise our design consultants how to best counter such actions before they occur.

Chris Sorensen
Senior Consultant
Chris Sorensen is a recognized expert in healthcare security and holds the coveted Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) awarded by the International Association of Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS). With more than 20 years in healthcare security and safety, and having worked for some of the most prestigious healthcare organizations in the U.S., Mr. Sorensen brings exceptional experience and expertise to Wivenhoe Group team.

Steven Wilder
Senior Consultant
Steve Wilder is a recognized expert in healthcare security and holds the coveted Certified Healthcare Security Protector (CHSP) awarded by the International Association of Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS). Mr. Wilder has held a number of senior security and safety management positions with Hospital Groups and Medical Centers as well as having served as Administrator for various hospitals. With more than 30 years in healthcare security and safety, Mr. Wilder brings further exceptional experience and expertise to Wivenhoe Group team.

Keith F. McCall
Senior Consultant
Keith McCall as with the majority of Wivenhoe Group consultants, has extensive experience in the Security industry having worked with Security and Electrical manufacturers, Security integrators, Security consultants, and for the last several years as the founder of his own security consulting business. Mr. McCall is also a specialist in the development of security systems for Correctional Institutions, and is very familiar with Federal and multi-State requirements for such facilities.

Anita M. Menegaux
Senior Consultant
Ms. Menegaux is a civil/environmental engineer with diverse experience in drinking water quality evaluation and improvements design; vulnerability assessments; emergency planning; operations and management improvements and documentation, and infrastructure improvement planning and assessments for water and wastewater systems.

Anita is a Professional Engineer, and like many of our consultants, is certified by Sandia National Laboratories for vulnerability assessments. Ms. Menegaux brings exceptional engineering experience to Wivenhoe Group.