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Case Studies

The caliber and reputation of a Consulting Group is not only reflected by the quality and expertise of its staff but also by the breadth, and sophistication of its completed projects. In utilizing our Team Approach to security consulting, Wivenhoe Group is able to reference additional completed projects that are represented by its Group Network.

In its own right, Wivenhoe Group has participated and successfully completed a significant range of projects in the Industrial, Water, Wastewater, Healthcare, Chemical, Education, Municipal, Energy, Lodging, Transportation, and General Commercial areas, to name a few.

Coupling that experience with that of our network partners, there are few areas where Wivenhoe Group is unable to provide appropriate expertise, clear experience, and a total professional approach to your specific project.

Examples of Wivenhoe Group Projects:


Risk Assessment, Security Design Criteria, Engineering and Design, Bid Document Preparation for the Freshkills Landfill, Staten Island

Working with a major engineering group, Wivenhoe Group undertook an assessment of security problems at the then World’s largest landfill (Site has now been closed), and presented written recommendations on overall security at the site.

Upon complete acceptance of the recommendations, Wivenhoe Group then completed a comprehensive security design that involved an extensive Security Management System utilizing proximity card readers, and biometric devices, CCTV camera surveillance that included a large Perimeter Camera System, and Vehicle Tracking System, Central Command Center, Security Intercom System, Perimeter Intrusion System, and Vehicle Restraint System.

System design criteria included operation in particularly adverse weather and social environment conditions (eg., Perimeter cameras had to be protected against people attempting to shoot-out the cameras).

The totally integrated security system was also designed for operation by a single operator with automatic programming to alert key staff of an event.

REGULUS CORPORATION, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Security Design Criteria, Engineering and Design, Bid Review, and Construction Administration for Network of Offices throughout the United States

Provided site and facilities physical surveys, vulnerability assessment, security design criteria, engineering and design, bid review, and Construction Administration for multiple offices and storage facilities located at some 39 sites throughout the United States.

Systems included security management systems (card reader access control, intercom communications, perimeter and interior intrusion detection, video badging); interior and covert CCTV, and decentralized monitoring points linked to a central command recording center.

PEARSON EDUCATION, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Risk/Vulnerability Assessment

Wivenhoe Group conducted a full Risk and Vulnerability assessment for the North American World Headquarters of Pearson Education, LLC which included the main HQ facility together with remote offices in New Jersey. Wivenhoe provided a comprehensive written report with Findings and Recommendations that further included a timetable of implementation based on agreed priorities.


Vulnerability Assessment, Security Design Criteria, Engineering and Design, Bid Preparation and Bid Review, and Construction Administration for multiple schools and facilities throughout the Pemberton School District in New Jersey.

Wivenhoe Group conducted vulnerability assessment of the entire school district with written findings and recommendations which resulted in the State of New Jersey approving within 30 days of receiving the report funding for project.

Systems included security management system (card reader access control, intercom communications, and interior intrusion detection, video badging); interior, exterior, and covert CCTV, and central District Security Command Center.

Project is being conducted over four (4) phases with Wivenhoe Group assisting in training and operational effectiveness. Wivenhoe Group also conducted separate studies to evaluate CCTV Camera Surveillance in school buses, and specific security for special areas such as the central Bus Depot. Projects are on-going at this time.

DEPARTMENT OF DEFENCE, NAVY – USS CONSTELLATION, Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Security Assessment, Security Design Criteria, Engineering and Design, Bid Review, and Constriction Administration for Aircraft Carrier USS Constellation while berthed at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wivenhoe Group undertook assessment of utilization of Hotel Electronic Key Locking System as possible solution to Air Crew Quarter problems being experienced aboard the Aircraft Carrier. Designed appropriate modifications to hotel system, created design criteria, engineering and design, and assisted with bid review, and ultimate installation of system aboard the ship.

This system is now standard for all Carriers.

A more comprehensive list of Wivenhoe Group projects is given under the “Industries” Section of this Website