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Our Industrial Services


We have been able to blend state-of-the-art security with the necessary practical requirements of public and private schools and higher education that is so critical to the operation of such entities.

Water & Wastewater

More than 140 Water and Wastewater Vulnerability Assessments (VA’s), as well as performing a variety of Security Engineering Design, Bidder Selection, and Construction Administration tasks.

Property Management

SVA (Security Vulnerability Assessments), Design Engineering, RFP Documentation, Construction Administration, including Testing and Training assignments for a varied and substantial number of property management companies involving different properties ranging from Hi-Rise Residential to Commercial and Industrial Campus facilities throughout the U.S.


Vulnerability Assessment to specific security engineering design of perimeter, infrastructure, and pipeline distribution security systems.


Bridges and tunnels to roadways and rail systems, and from airports and airlines to road vehicles, and from vehicle identification and tracking systems to marine terminals and watercraft to sea-going container storage.


Wivenhoe Group and its associated consultants have a long and successful history in the area of healthcare, and with major medical centers in particular.


These projects have included design engineering, construction administration, risk assessment, control center development, and have involved a multitude of departments and facilities from police headquarters to IT centers.


Chemical VA Methodologies that include RAM-Chemical, CCPS, ACCP, VSAT, and CSI. As with other Industries, we believe that our experience and expertise with security design engineering, procurement practices, and construction administration provides a valuable insight when undertaking VA studies.