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AI Video Analytical Data Development

A new realm for security consultants is developing in the Application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for security systems and associated security technology. AI is already affecting Video Analytics significantly by creating more advanced and detailed camera utilization in such areas as:

  • Parking Management
  • Toll Management
  • Traffic Management
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Video Search
  • License Plate Recognition
  • Loitering
AI Video and Audio Analytical Data
  • Queue Counting
  • Social Health Analytics
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Object Counting
  • Object Left or Removed
  • Scene Changing
  • Weapon Detection
  • Controlling Restricted Areas
  • Forensic Search
  • Livestock Management
  • Smoke Detection
  • Fire Detection
  • Face Search & Recognition
  • Heatmap Generation
  • Distribution Management
  • & The List Goes On

However, simply taking large amounts of data, such as that generated by video surveillance cameras and other devices in different industrial and commercial environments, does not necessarily produce positive and cost-effective results. AI applications in the field of security, particularly video surveillance and applying video analytics will require careful analysis as to how individual companies can improve security and safety and other processes in their own situation, and operational use.

Experienced security consulting professionals are probably in the best position to advise respective clients (companies, organizations, security integrators, facility developers, education facilities, general contractors and many others) on the utilization of AI. This includes both security applications and the application of security device data within other areas such as production control, distribution, automated warehousing, etc.

Already, security contractors and integrators are being strongly encouraged by developers of AI drivers, software platforms and specific AI systems that can be added to any existing camera system to approach their customer base and acquire AI. The question that needs to be answered before rushing into the exciting field of AI Security – is whether a proposed AI application and utilization will truly benefit a company, address real security needs, and set a viable base for the future?

Wivenhoe Management Group can assist organizations, including those in Distribution, Manufacturing, Industrial Processing, Retail, Toll Management, Vehicle Parking, Property Development and Management, Healthcare, Research, Education, Municipal, Transportation, and others. Wivenhoe Group can also provide the same AI consultant assistance to Security Integrators, and Contractors adding a new level of offering to their respective customers.


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