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Low Cost Perimeter Security

CPTED, Sustainability, New Technology, and Green Concepts Providing Effective, Low Cost, Perimeter Security for Water/Wastewater Facilities

The intent of this paper is to provide a brief insight into the use of CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) together with new Security Technology that will allow water and wastewater facilities to incorporate Sustainability and Green concepts into an effective, low cost perimeter security site plan.

A major goal in any effective security plan is to secure the perimeter of a facility thereby establishing a base for a number of key security parameters being:

  • Deter Adversaries
  • Detect Adversaries
  • Delay Adversaries

The Security Industry has understood the inherent value of a sound, and professionally designed perimeters for many years, and the ensuing success of such perimeters deterring potential criminals and others from choosing a particular property as a target of opportunity.

Coupled with good detection, and associated actions following detection, security perimeters provide a relatively low cost solution for entities such as water and wastewater system facilities as well as industrial users who are charged with protecting large geographic areas where such areas are both remote and often unmanned.

Utilizing the Deterrent Approach which has been the core of good security practice throughout the security industry for certainly, the last 30 to 40 years with new security technology and the principles of CPTED as well as meeting Sustainability and Green concepts, it is now possible to implement effective, low cost protection which is not only very successful in its designed intent but is actually welcomed by the public in general.

Download the full white paper here: Low Cost Perimeter Security

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